SDI 4.0
The Sexual Dependency Inventory is a screening tools that will help you to sort out whether or not a problem exists. This assessment has proven 96.5% accuracy in identifying a clinical population. Fee is $30.00

The Post Traumatic Stress Index – Revised is an assessment for you to take the time to search your inner self and your past, and it may show that events from your past are still adversely affecting you today. Fee is $20.00

PSS Report
The Partner Sexuality Survey was designed by Dr. Stefanie Carnes to assist partners in identifying the areas of his or her own sexuality that may have been impacted by his or her relationship with the sex addict.

IPAST Report
The Inventory for Partner Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma is a battery of assessments that examine the partner’s traumatic reactions, family of origin, strengths, and attachment styles. Fee is $20.00

The Money and Work Adaptive Styles Index (MAWASI ©) evolved out the initial work of Bonnie Dendooven’s search to help others with issues surrounding money and work. Utilizing theories in attachment, neuromarketing, and behavioral economics Ms. Dendooven had originally designed the test with 9 subscales. A factor analysis revealed 12 subscales. These 12 subscales represent the various ways (behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively) that money and/or work has affected the individuals life.  Moreover, they show how the individual has adapted his or her life to those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Fee is $20.00

The Sexual Digital Media Inventory is an assessment designed to help your therapist learn more about your use of sexual digital media, including things like apps and pornography. Taking an assessment such as this can save you and your therapist time and money by providing a full comprehensive report instead of conducting a lengthy interview. This assessment focuses on two distinct areas. First it evaluates thirteen different domains of how your use of sexual media has impacted your life. This includes an examination of how sexual media, such as apps and pornography has impacted your life, such as pornography addiction and compulsion, mutation of sexual tastes, isolation, and an impact on personal relationships. The other area of focus for this assessment, is an examination of your different areas of sexual interest. Examples of these interests include things like chatting, virtual reality, home produced pornography, and sex robots. Fee is $20.00